The Knick Knacks of Cleaning Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are essential to partition the bath area from the rest of the bathroom. They allow cross ventilation of air and prevention of water spillage. The added benefits of using shower curtains include customisation of the bathroom décor and an increase in the overall area, making the bathrooms look spacious.

As with any other products, shower curtains also need the required maintenance which includes cleaning at regular intervals of time. Best Curtain Cleaning in Canberra  may sound like a lot of work, but we have some tips right here which can make the job look like a breeze.

Shower Curtain Cleaning
Shower Curtain Cleaning

When You Want The Machine to Get Them Clean and Spot Free:

  • Keep these ingredients ready: Baking soda, Vinegar, Bleach (If You Have a White Dirty Curtain) and some clean towels.
  • Before we can even start with the process, you need to keep them at hand so that there won’t be any disruption and in one round of automatic wash, you get them done.
  • When you first load the machine with the curtain, throw in the clean towels. This prevents the curtains from getting torn and wrinkled.
  • The towels scrub away the dust and dirt on the outer layer of the curtains and maximise the cleaning efficiency.
  • Add half a cup of baking soda along with the amount of detergent you are going to use. If there is a big load of curtains, use a bigger amount. After that is done, determine whether there is a lot of mildew and dirt accumulated on those curtains.
  • If you are sure that there is a lot to wash away and the curtains are white, pour in some bleach while the water is getting filled up to the water level mark.

Once you have started the machine, set the timer and once it is the rinse cycle, add vinegar to the drained compartment and rinse for a second time with just plain water. Once that’s done, take the curtains back to the shower rods and fix them back, so that they just dry there. The water will drip down and the showers don’t have any wrinkles made on them which will retain their natural curves.

Then there are times when the inconvenience of power cuts or not having a machine forces you to wash them by hand. In that case, look further ahead.

The Old School Technique of Washing Manually:

Put on those safety gloves and get yourself a clean microfiber cloth. Make a paste of baking soda and coat it over the cloth and use the coated surface to scrub away the dirt on the curtains. After doing that for the first time, use a clean and damp cloth to run over the scrubbed surfaces with water. Once that’s done, check the curtain again for stains and mildew which are still there. Use the baking soda scrub again and repeat the step with a damp cloth after that. Once the curtain cleaning is done, you can put back the curtains to enhance the look of your bathing area perfectly.

Curtain Cleaning Service
Curtain Cleaning Service

Hire Professional Assistance

It is obvious that care has to be taken when it comes to cleaning curtains as they often get wrinkled easy if not done properly. Our specialists at Squeaky Green Clean are trained well to take delicate care of your shower curtains and at the same time, treating with the dirt as harshly as they can to get them off the curtains. Over the past, we have proved ourselves to be highly competitive when it comes to doing our duty and we do not compromise with quality. We are always ready to offer our service to anyone who needs top quality curtain cleaning.